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APA 7th edition




Group Author. (Year). Title of report in italics: Subtitle if there is one. URL or DOI


The Canadian Human Rights Commission. (2017). Left out: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Canada’s schools.



Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of report in italics: Subtitle if there is one. Publisher Name. URL or DOI


Olateju, B. (2020). Nuclear energy: A crossroad in a climate emergency. The Conference Board of Canada.

  • If the report is a specific type of grey literature (white paper, bulletin, etc.), note the type in [brackets] after the title: 

Smith, C., Kim, C., Sharpe, B., & Lutsey, N. (2020). Power play: Canada's role in the electric vehicle transition [White paper]. Pembina Institute.


Government Sources

  • Be specific. Use the name of the Department or Branch of Government providing the information as author. For example, cite Indigenous Services Canada as author and the Government of Canada as the publisher/source.


Department or Ministry Name. (Year, Month). Title of webpage in italics. Name of parent agency used for publisher/source. URL


Indigenous Services Canada. (n.d.). Water in First Nations communities. Government of Canada.

  • Omit publisher/source if same as Author.

Government of Canada. (n.d.). Child disability benefit.

  • Include publication date in Year, Month Day format (2020, February 13). Cite what you see. The date in your reference may look like (2020, February) or (2020) or (n.d.) depending on what information is posted.
  • It is optional to include description of information in square brackets after the title. 
  • Omit publisher name if same as group name.


Name of Group. (Year, Month Day). Title of report in italics [Description (optional)]. Publisher Name. DOI or URL


Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. (2020, February 13). Video job interviews and privacy .[Privacy Act bulletin].

Employment and Social Development Canada. (2018, October 15). Opportunity for All – Canada's First Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Statistics Canada. (2019). Table  35-10-0014-01 Adult admissions to correctional services.



Author, A., Author, B. & Author, C. (Year). Title of report in italics: Subtitle if there is one. Publisher Name. DOI or URL


Frenette, M., Lu, Y., & Chan, W. (2019). The Postsecondary experience and early labour market outcomes of international study permit holders. Statistics Canada.