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APA 6th edition: Web Resources

Web Resources

Webpage, author unknown, no date Item stands alone (e.g., a report)

Multitasking while driving. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Webpage, author known Item stands alone (e.g., a report) (Clearly APA: The NorQuest Guide to APA Style, p. 59-61, p. 64)

Smith, M., & Segal, J. (2015). Schizophrenia: Symptoms, types, causes, and early warning signs. Retrieved from


Webpage of an association Item stands alone (e.g., a report)

Health Canada. (n.d.). Genetically modified (GM) foods and other novel foods. Retrieved from


Webpage of an association Item is part of a greater whole (e.g., the "About Us" page on a company's website)

Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association. (n.d.). About ATRA. Retrieved from

Weblog/blog post, author’s proper name available 

Bernstein, M. (2007, May 18). Cultural competency in medicine: A two way street? [Blog post]. Retrieved from‌/2007/05/cultural-competency-in-medicine-two-way.html


Weblog/blog post, author’s screen name only available 

Mo. (2008, November 10). Embryonic stem cells form functional brain tissue. [Blog post]. Retrieved from‌/embryonic_stem_cells_form_functional_brain_tissue.php


Weblog/blog comment, author’s screen name only available 

Klone. (2016, September 20). Re: School district apologizes for nurse delays treatment. [Blog comment]. Retrieved from

Government report on a website with author known 

Summers, R. J. (2010). Alberta water well survey. Retrieved from Alberta Environment website:


Statistics Canada report on a website 

Statistics Canada. (2006). Population by mother tongue and age groups, 2006 counts, for Canada, provinces and territories, and census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations – 20% sample data. Retrieved from

Conference paper from a website 

Lopez-Acuña, D., Pittman, P., Gomez, P. Machado de Souza, H., & López Fernández, L. A. (2000, June). Reorienting health systems and services with health promotion criteria: A critical component of health sector reforms (Original Version). Paper presented at the Fifth Global Conference on Health Promotion, Mexico City, Mexico. Retrieved from

Wiki, where source material may change 

Crowdsourcing. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved December 8, 2016, from


Online dictionary, no author, no date 

Argue. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster. Retrieved December 8, 2016, from

Course website / Blackboard site 

NFDN 2007 WebCT Companion Guide Answer Key (n.d.). Retrieved from NorQuest College NFDN 2007 Blackboard website:‌/lc15460064001.tp15460219001//RelativeResourceManager?contentID=15460320001

*Provide the name of the page or the content or caption of the post (up to the first 40 words) as the title.

Twitter Post

ONTSpecialNeeds. (2017, November 7). It's so important we read to our children everyday! #literacy #read20mins [Tweet]. Retrieved from

Facebook Image Post

Literacy of Love. (2017, September 23). ‘Mom, I love you more than necessary.’ You had me at, ‘I love you.’ $10 mugs capture that feeling. Local artist. 100% donated to support orphans! [Photograph]. Retrieved from

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Web Resources

Please note that in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the APA, retrieval dates are NOT included for web resources unless the material may change over time, such as Wikis. If you have to divide a URL between lines, split it BEFORE any punctuation and do not add a hyphen. (Publication Manual, p. 192)

Video weblog post (YouTube), author’s proper name available


Video weblog post (YouTube), author’s screen name only available


Audio podcast