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Accessibility Guide

Student Guide - Accessibility at NorQuest

Registering with Accessibility Services

To register with Accessibility Services, we need you to complete a form and book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor. Please select one of the options below: 

To arrange a Sign Language Interpreter for your appointment, email

Submitting Documentation to Accessibility Services

To complete your registration, you need to provide the college with documentation of your accommodation needs. If you do not have documentation, an Accessibility Advisor can refer you for assessment. An assessment is conducted by a community professional (i.e. not a college employee) and identifies your accommodation needs. 

Depending on the nature of your accessibility needs, your documentation may be a PsychEd report,  a letter from your mental health care provider, ophthalmologist, audiologist, or any other medical professional. 

To upload your documentation, visit our secure Guardian portal.