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Accessibility Guide

Student Guide - Accessibility at NorQuest

Your Accessibility Services Team

Welcome to Accessibility Services at NorQuest College. The Accessibility Team is committed to providing an accessible learning environment for all students and providing accommodations for students with an ongoing or temporary disability. Our team includes Accessibility Advisors, Assistive Technology Specialists, Sign Language Interpreters, and Instructional Assistants. Depending on your accommodation needs, you will meet one or many of us!

If you are registered with Accessibility Services, book an appointment using the student portal

To book an online appointment, select a staff name (online) calendar.

To book an on-campus appointment, select the technology face-to-face calendar.

Accessibility Advisors

Accessibility Advisors are here to help you submit your forms and documentation and to set up your accommodation plan.

Contact them at 

Book an Advisor Appointment.


Keifer Ouellette (he/him) Keifer Ouellette working from home bitmoji                       

James Murdoch (he/him) 


Assistive Technology Specialists

Assistive Technology Specialists are here to help create your accommodation plan and provide training on assistive technologies. 

Contact them at 

Book a Technology appointment.


Lorne Webber (he/him)       Lorne Webber, Assistive Technology Specialist


Jolene Eklund (she/her)         


Erin Larson (they/them) Erin Larson, Assistive Technology Specialist, Wear Your Mask

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters facilitate communication between individuals who may be Deaf, hard-of-hearing and/or hearing. 

Contact them at or 780-644-6084

Sign Language Interpreters: Heather Bannerman (she/her), Jacquie Vallee (she/her), Dana Toma (she/her), David Koopmans (he/him)


William Hamilton William Hamilton (he/him)