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Accessibility Guide

Student Guide - Accessibility at NorQuest

Tutoring & Academic Coaching

How can Academic Coaches at NorQuest help you with your learning?

In one-to-one appointments, Academic Coaches will work with you to meet your learning goals, such as ways to:

  • Improve your writing
  • understand what you read
  • reduce test anxiety
  • remember the information you learn
  • and more!

Start building your learning skills today by calling 780-644-5864 or emailing us at


Help with homework and assignments:

Do you need help with a math or chemistry problem?  or help learning how to proofread your essay for grammar mistakes? 

You can drop-in anytime for a session in-person or online. Check out the Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services website to learn more about how we can support you, what our hours are, where we are located, and/or how to meet a Tutor-Coach online.