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Accessibility Guide

Student Guide - Accessibility at NorQuest

Accessibility Advisors


  • accommodation plans
  • submitting documentation
  • Schedule 4 applications

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Assistive Technology Specialists


  • assistive technology (AT) training
  • AT equipment loans
  • AT software licensing

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Counsellors and Social Workers

Manager, Accessibility Services

Phone: 780.644.6686


Something's Up?

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs (OSJA) provides NorQuest College with the means for resolving conflict and motivating fairness. 

In general, you might come to see the OSJA if you feel that you have been treated unfairly. The OSJA can also provide guidance on matters of Academic Integrity (doing your work honestly), guidance on conflict resolution and how to file a formal complaint, support if you feel unsafe at the College and guidance on appealing a grade.

For example, if you are registered for accommodations but are not receiving them, the OSJA can provide advice on guidance for addressing this situation.

Phone: 780-644-6490 


Sign Language Interpreters

Phone: 780-644-6084


Tutors and Academic Coaches