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Accessibility Guide

Student Guide - Accessibility at NorQuest

Accessibility Supports

Book an Appointment with a Navigator or Accessibility Services 

After you register with a Navigator, the Accessibility Advisors and Assistive Technology Specialists will support your accessibility needs with an accommodation plan

Accessibility Advisors can help with your accommodation plan, submitting your documentation, and completing a Schedule 4 application.  Contact the Accessibility Advisors by email at

Assistive Technology Specialists can provide training and troubleshooting for your assistive technology accommodations (i.e. lecture recording, Read & Write, Dragon, NVDA, JAWS). Contact the Assistive Technology Specialists by email at

Accommodation Plan

Your accommodation plan is an individualized support plan based on your needs and designed to help you meet the requirements of your academic program. 

Accommodations can help you with:

  • Note-Taking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Test-Taking
  • any other tasks related to your learning outcomes

Setting Up or Changing Your Accommodation Plan

Your accommodation plan is based on the documentation you provide and the needs you report.  After you register with a navigator, you will be asked to complete the Accessibility Intake Form and book an Accessibility Assessment appointment. 

To set up or modify your existing accommodation plan, you need to meet with an Accessibility Service provider.

Book an appointment with Accessibility Services.

Assistive Technology Training

If your accommodation plan includes audio, lecture recording, voice typing, screenreaders, or anything else software or app-based, the Assistive Technology Team is here to guide you through installing and learning your programs.  

Visit Moodle for help with installing and using Read & Write.

Visit us during Drop-In Hour on Blackboard, Monday to Friday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

Book an online or a face-to-face technology appointment with Accessibility Services.